Temporary Accountant

We often have clients who need both short and long-term temporary Accounting Assistance. Temping can be a great way to gain finance industry accounting experience. We look for temporary candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Work with fund administrators on various accounting functions, including cash and account reconciliations, capital calls, distributions, and legal expenses
  • Review financial information (e.g., monthly flash NAVs, quarterly capital statements, fund-level expenses, year-end financial statements)
  • Work with the custodian and prime broker on middle office functions, including trade settlement and collateral / mark-to-market reconciliation
  • Interact with the Fund Managers on performance, accounting and administrative matters
  • Participate in the process of producing year-end audited financial statements
  • Participate in the process of delivering tax estimates and final K-1s
  • Prepare and review client correspondence and information requests
  • Assist in compliance matters
  • Assist in operational due diligence processes
  • Assist with Ad hoc projects to support investment / operations teams
  • Record monthly management company journal entries, review expense reports, cut checks and help manage other various accounting duties