A WORD FROM OUR Candidates

I had the opportunity to visit their beautiful office in San Francisco and the staff is very welcoming and friendly. We had a thorough chat about my career interests and they already had some great opportunities to present to me! They coordinated my phone interviews, which led to landing in-person interviews, which led to a same day job offer. This time frame was only 4-5 weeks long from the point she messaged me to me accepting the offer. That is QUICK in my opinion.
— Sydney H.
I’ve been at my new job for almost three months now and have never been happier in my professional life. I highly recommend this service to both job seekers and employers.
— Jeff D.
They were helpful in providing guidance on my resume, career aspirations, job hunt, and interview skills. I received great personalized attention and provided truthful and helpful points.
— Carmen L.
It wasn’t about her putting a body in a spot, it was about her having an intuition about a position.
— Monica B.
They were great about listening to my needs, respecting my time when I was at my current position and always managed to find me interviews for company’s where I really felt I would fit in and really thrive.
— Emily V.
I don’t write reviews - but when I do, it’s because I am INCREDIBLY impressed by the relationship I’ve had with the organization. 

Innovations SF went far beyond their call of duty, keeping in touch and ensuring both parties are reaching their full potential when looking for opportunities. Even with such a busy pipeline, they ensured to follow-up when new opportunities arise. Their commitment shines a light on Innovations SF holding true to their value in keeping a great talent that furthers the whole company and team. Truly one of the best agencies to work with.
— Sydney L.
Hands down the best recruiting firm out there.  They truly care about their clients and recruits.  They take the time to get to know everyone personally.  When job opportunities come up, they always have you in mind.
— Michael C.
If you’re looking for on-the-ball recruitment consultants, Innovations is your place.
— Sazza R.
 Very personal kind of vibe.  I’ve worked with other agencies where I’ve felt rushed and devalued.  Not the case here at all.  They really take the time to get to know you and align your wants, needs, and values with a company that fits well with you.  True professionals that care more about the individual than they do about meeting numbers.
— Lauren C.
Innovations SF listened to and understood my career goals and aggressively focused on finding roles that they knew would leverage my prior experience and match my compensation targets. Their recruiters are direct, experienced, and clearly have great connections all over the city. In a very tough hiring environment, they introduced me to many prestigious employers for quality positions. 
— Ana M.
Great company !  Unlike other recruitment agencies that treat you like a transaction, Innovations builds relationships that are long lasting, regardless if they can close a deal immediately. 
— Todd M.